Citizens for Justice


Citizens For Justice

Tort reform. 
It’s the rallying cry of big business and the insurance industry. Their buzzwords and rhetoric are designed to restrict access to justice and your 7th amendment right to trial by jury. 
NJA’s response is Citizens for Justice, our political action committee. 
CFJ is independently funded by our members through direct contributions. CFJ hires it’s own lobbyists and is aggressively involved in all levels of the political system. CFJ educates candidates and legislators about the Civil Justice System, works to elect those favorable to the rights of your clients, and is in the halls of the legislature every day advocating for you.
CFJ supports our own proactive bills in addition fixing or stopping bad legislation. CFJ has recently successfully promoted bills in these areas: 
  • Expanding the rights and benefits of injured workers
  • Insurance reform measures that modernized auto insurance minimums, allow for policy information sharing and the ability to void unfair early settlements for unrepresented claimants
  • Mandated life saving training for paratransit drivers
  • Brought structure to the predatory hospital lien process
  • Increased sovereign immunity cap
  • Restored the rights of homeowners who have construction defects
  • Protected plaintiffs in IMEs
  • Created the Child Support Commission

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