Justice on the Rocks 

Get a custom crafted, Nevada based, collector style cocktail by joining CFJ at the Bronze Level today! 

President Kim Surratt has set a goal of recruiting 100 new, $100/month CFJ contributors during her term.

She’s putting her money where her mouth is by buying an entire barrel for CFJ of the custom cocktail created just for us by Ferino Distillery in Reno. In addition to your bottled 750ml taste of Nevada, you will also be included in an exclusive whisky tasting during our convention in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Join CFJ and keep justice OFF the rocks and protect the 7th amendment right to trial by jury. 

Need more info? Contact us today! Don’t drink? Don’t worry! We have a special gift for you as well! 

Advocacy has never tasted so good!

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Annual Giving Levels

Legacy- $100,000
Champion- $50,000
Advocate- $25,000
Diamond- $15,000
Platinum- $10,000
Gold- $5,000
Silver- $2,500
Bronze- $1,000

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