From comprehensive monthly meetings to a busy, interactive list server, one of our most active sections is that of our Worker’s Compensation attorneys. 

Workers' Comp Specialization

Becoming a Workers' Compensation Specialist is the best way to demonstrate your skills and expertise in these areas of the law. To become a Workers' Compensation Specialist, you must qualify via application and pass both written and oral exams. Applications must be received by September 16, 2019. For more information or to apply, please contact Kaylyn.

Workers' Comp List Server

NJA offers the Claimants Only Work Comp List Server where you can get answers to your questions from colleagues located around the state. Inclusion in this list server requires administrator approval and a signed confidentiality agreement. Membership is limited based on practice type, time in the association, and other qualifying factors. For more information or to apply, please contact Rebecca.

Already a member of the Claimant's WC List Server? Post a message. Should you encounter any difficulties posting a message, you may need to certify your email address.

Monthly Meetings

The Work Comp Section holds monthly meetings coordinated by Billie-Marie Morrison, Esq. These meetings range from planning to learning to broader theoretical discussion. The key is information sharing to create the best attorneys possible. For more information about attending a meeting, please contact Billie Marie.


Our Workers' Comp Section has aggressively promoted and defended the rights of injured workers for over 40 years. Recently, they have passed legislation modernizing payment schedules and updating doctor selection. If you are interested in participating legislatively, please contact Jason Mills

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