Women's Caucus


Women's Caucus

Trial work is a traditionally male-dominated field. Our Women’s Caucus focuses on promoting women in the profession by providing support, mentorship and education to female trial lawyers unique to their requirements. 


Sharing your experiences with others can be empowering. NJA works diligently to provide opportunities for our members to meet their colleagues. Events will be found in our Events calendar (link).  Several events are offered throughout each year, including at conventions where often we will connect with other, local female bar organizations. 

Don’t be shy! It can be intimating to come to an event of this nature, and if you are concerned, reach out to NJA. We can facilitate introductions and help ease the discomfort of being new. All of our Women's Caucus members relish new attendees and find it rewarding to have new members to mentor. Our goal is to create leaders and we cannot be successful without modeling good leadership!

Embrace Your Inner Bad-Ass Seminar/Retreat

This exclusive event, for women only, focuses on harnessing your power as a trial attorney. Join fellow female trials attorneys from around the west for an in-depth and unique career development experience where you'll find your unique voice as a woman and an attorney.

Watch for information and dates for Embrace Your Inner Bad-Ass 2022! Check out the photos from Embrace Your Inner Bad-Ass 2021 on our Facebook page.

Reading List

Exposing Deceptive Defense Doctors by Dorothy Clay Sims 
From Hostage to Hero by Sari de la Motte
Preparing for Voir Dire by Lisa Blue










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