NJA Annual Summer Galas
June 19th - Siena Hotel, Reno  ♦  
June 21st - Four Seasons, Las Vegas

Nominating Criteria     

Factors to be considered include: A lawyer who upholds the honor of the legal profession and is a true defender of the people; a lawyer who works to protect the rights of injured victims and consumers; a lawyer who successfully handles a case of major public importance in state or federal court, including appellate courts; a lawyer who assists NJA and AAJ in their efforts to protect the rights of consumers and injured victims at the state legislature and the U.S. Congress; a lawyer who devotes substantial time and effort to further the goals of NJA by serving as an officer, board member and fundraiser; a lawyer who frequently publishes articles and gives speeches in support of the rights of injured victims and consumer rights; and lastly, a lawyer who earns admiration and respect for trial lawyers as a result of noteworthy activities.

A Nevadan (not necessarily an attorney) who has made noteworthy contributions to consumer protection. Previous recipients are those who fight to ensure that all Nevadans enjoy the same quality of life, who advocate for the working men and women of Nevada and obtain justice for the "little guy."

This is intended to be a very special award that is not necessarily given out each year. It is intended to recognize a lawyer who has devoted his or her career to helping injured victims, consumers, and those persons who lack the money, education, and ability to protect their own rights. The award is also designed to be awarded at the end of the lawyer's career. The award is not based upon a lawyer's financial success, but upon his or her efforts as a lawyer to better the community and the legal profession.

Previous Award Recipients

Trial Lawyer of the Year (established 1997) 
1997 - Don Springmeyer
1998 - J. Randall Jones 
1999 - W. Randall Mainor 
2000 - Robert C. Maddox
2001 -
Richard W. Myers, Esq.
2002 - Neil G. Galatz, Esq.
2003 - Scott K. Canepa, Esq. and Gerald I. Gillock, Esq.
2004 - Robert H. Perry
2005 - Robert T. Eglet
2006 - J. R. Crockett, Jr.
2007 - Calvin R.X. Dunlap
2008 - William C. Jeanney
2009 - Barbara Gruenewald
2010 - Peter D. Durney

2011 - Matthew L. Sharp

Consumer Advocate of the Year (established 1998)
1998 - Assemblywoman Barbara Buckley 
1999 - Senator Dina Titus
2000 - Richard L. Morgan
2001 - Jack Jeffery
2002 - Assemblyman Bernie Anderson
2003 - U.S. Congresswoman Shelley Berkley
2004 - U.S. Senator Harry Reid
2005 - Carmen Cashman
2006 - Danny Thompson
2007 - Assembly Majority Leader John Oceguera
2008 - Assemblywoman Sheila Leslie
2009 - Jon L. Sasser
2010 - Victoria D. Riley
2011 - Assemblywoman Debbie Smith

Lifetime Achievement Award (established 2000)
2000 - Peter I. Echeverria
2001 - John Squire Drendel, Esq.
2002 - Jack Lehman, Esq.
2003 - Jerry Carr Whitehead, Esq.
2005 - William O. Bradley, Sr.
2006 - Judge Peter I. Breen and Herbert M. Jones
2007 - Peter Chase Neumann
2008 - Judge Allan Earl
2009 - Richard W. Myers
2010 - Neil G. Galatz

2011 - Joseph Benson



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