NJA Badger Award

In 1987, after years of tireless efforts, Raymond L. Badger, Jr., was immortalized by the Nevada Justice Association with the creation of the “Badger Award.” Ray received the first Badger Award for his many years as an advocate in the Nevada Legislature for victims of workplace injuries. What’s more, his dogged pursuit of justice for those victims was unpaid and virtually unrecognized by our general membership.

The association put an end to that injustice with the creation of an annual award. The Badger Award is given to the NJA member who has gone above and beyond the call of duty, who has worked to promote the cause of the association and to further its goals and ideals.

The Badger Award is NJA’s most honored award.


We are proud to announce Matthew L. Sharp as the 2008 recipient of the Badger Award.  In 2008, Matt took control of our flagging CLE program innorthern Nevada and restored it to good health.  The Court Talk series is alive and well; Hot Topic seminars are moving along and the associations' budget and members alike have received the benefit from his time and commitment.  Helping by both selecting topics and recommending presenters is only a portion of Matt's contribution.  Matt also volunteers additional time and talen as a presenter for Court Talk and Hot Topic Seminars.

Matt also is often the voice and face of the association, working with the communications team to appear on Nevada Newsmakers to present NJA's version of current political happendings, or speaking with the press on legal matters.  He monitors insurance issues in the executive branch, recently representing NJA in meetings with the Attorney General's Insurance Fraud Taskforce.  Please join us in congratulating Matt Sharp as the 2008 Badger Award winner!


Previous Badger Award Recipients
1987 - Raymond L. Badger, Jr.
1988 - Richard Myers
1989 - Bill Bradley
1990 - Harold Albright
1991 - Tom Drendel
1992 - Bill Hammer
1993 - Dean Hardy
1994 - Gerald M. Welt
1995 - Bill Bradley
1996 - Marvin S. Gross
1997 - Wm. Patterson Cashill
1998 - John Mulligan
1999 - Barbara Gruenewald
2000 - George T. Bochanis
2001 - Cal Potter
2002 - Bill Bradley
2003 - Beverly J. Salhanick
2004 - Robert T. Eglet
2005 - Steven M. Burris
2006 - Don C. Tingey
2007 - J.R. Crockett, Jr.







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