Come to Justice Day
Every other year during the legislative session, we host a Justice Day so our members can get a taste of the Carson City life. Are you really an NJA member if you haven’t eaten the stale popcorn at the Timbers or sat on the floor of the Assembly? Well, yes you are, but you are really missing out on an engaging experience.
Participate in political events/fundraisers
You don’t have to bring a huge check to participate in the political process. Interacting with legislators is an important way for them to get to know the depth and breadth of who we represent. Each of you brings a unique perspective to your conversations and has client stories to share. Help put a face with our name and help us elect those who care.
Write a check
"But, I really don’t want to go to that stuff. Can’t I just write a check to get out of it?” Yes, yes you can. Money is the mother’s milk of politics. Financial contributions are critical to our overall success.


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