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Elements of Nevada Legal Theories (Reno)


Elements of Nevada Legal Theories (Reno)
Part of the Richard A. Harris Series of Continuing Legal Education

In this CLE, Steve Klearman, Esq. will discuss-

  • Using an elements framework to plan your case;
  • Foundation as the key to understanding evidence and proof;
  • Pathways of least resistance to the essence of your case;
  • Answers to commonly asked questions regarding Nevada torts and evidence law

This event is available via streaming.

Speaker: Steve Klearman, Esq. and guest telephonic appearance by District Court Judge Rob Bare

Steve’s a trial lawyer with a long background in Nevada law and he’s fought for justice for his clients in Nevada courts for more than 30 years.  Steve has an extensive background in serious injury cases and he’s handled many wrongful death and catastrophic injury cases.

Since 2017, Steve has won three contested liability premises cases: one in a full jury trial, one in short trial, and one in arbitration.  In the same time frame, he also prevailed in a series of contested MVA cases and resolved a vehicular case for more than $1.6 million and a product’s case for $2.4 million.

Steve studied international law at the University of Notre Dame’s Concannon Programme of International Law in London (and lived in London for more than a year) before he received his J.D. from Washington University School of Law in St. Louis.  He completed Harvard Law School’s mediator training course in 2000 and was subsequently appointed as a mediator in the United States District Court, District for Nevada.  He is also a court-appointed arbitrator in the Washoe County District Court system.

Steve’s book, Elements of Nevada Legal Theories (now in its 15th Anniversary Fourth Edition), is considered by many to be a definitive guide to Nevada civil claims; it is widely used by Nevada judges and attorneys.  

Steve became an NJA Certified Personal Injury Specialist in 2018.

* All registered attendees will receive Steve's book for free!


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