How Digital Chaos Contributes to Injury (Reno)


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How Digital Chaos Contributes to Injury (Reno)

Part of the Richard A. Harris Series of Continuing Legal Education

Technology gives us convenience and prosperity.   

But, every system or process that drives us forward also produces chaos and injury. Ira Victor will discuss how so-called “disruptive” technology gives rise to negligence and abandonment of best practices. It happens in virtually every arena of human activity. Ethical, legal professionals must understand how digital chaos contributes to injury.

  • Why tech products are called “solutions”
  • How the “solutions” generate chaos
  • Why organizations and business managers are blind to the chaos
  • How the chaos leads to professional negligence and injury
  • Why legal practitioners have an ethical obligation to uncover the chaos


Speaker: Ira Victor

Ira Victor is a digital forensic practitioner with 25 years in the field of information security. He’s worked with digital systems including payments, medical and employment records, transportation and communication. He’s been a first responder to cyberattacks and an expert/consultant in electronic discovery.


1 Hour Ethics CLE Credit


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