2017 Legislative Elucidation (Reno)


2017 Legislative Elucidation

(Date rescheduled from 6.13.17 to 7.11.17)

Our legislative team has had time to adapt and consider the changes made during the 2017 Legislative Session. Learn what we've developed as strategies, new ways to run your cases and keep effectively representing your clients within our new reality.

Please note - only NJA members may attend this seminar. 

Date:    Tuesday July 11, 2017

Time:    4:00-6:00 PM

Speakers:  Victoria Coolbaugh, NJA Executive Director and Kaylyn Kardavani, Associate Director of Government Affairs, Matt Sharp, ESQ., CFJ Trustee, and Robert Eglet, Esq., CFJ Trustee, and Kim Surratt, Esq.           


Second Judicial District Court

Second Judicial District Court

Jury Assembly Room

75 Court Street 

Reno, NV 89501

Cancellation Policy

If unable to attend, please cancel within 48 hours of event.