Personal Injury & Workers Compensation Specialization


Prove you have what it takes.

Becoming a Personal Injury Specialist or a Workers’ Compensation Specialist is the best way to demonstrate your skills and expertise in these areas of the law. To become a specialist, you must qualify via application and pass both a written and oral exam.

Applications due by: September 16, 2019
Dates for the tests: November 1st for written and November 15th for oral. 

Fill-in Form Instructions
To complete fill-in forms, you must first download the document and save to your Documents Folder on your computer. Open the application from your Documents Folder to complete. When complete, save it again and either fax or email it to Kaylyn.

Personal Injury Specialization Application  (Fill-in form, see instructions) 
Personal Injury Specialization Rules

Workers' Compensation Specialization Application  (Fill-in form, see instructions) 
Workers' Compensation Specialization Rules

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