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If you are in need of legal information and/or representation, our Find a Lawyer search can help. You can search for an attorney by name, by practice type, or other criteria. Simply fill in as many fields as you need. NJA members are available to assist in an array of areas including:

  • Business Law - Bankruptcy, Collection, Patent, Trademarks
  • Civil Law - Insurance, Negligence, Personal Injury, Workers' Comp
  • Collections/Consumer Rights
  • Copyright/Patent/Trademark
  • Criminal Law
  • DUI / Traffic Violations / Expunction
  • Elder Law - Insurance, Negligence, Workers' Comp
  • Estate Law - Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney
  • Family Law - Adoption, Custody, Divorce, Support
  • Individual Rights - Civil Rights, Employment, Immigration
  • Real Estate - Landlord/Tenant, Property Transfer, Leases
  • Zoning / Land Use
  • Other legal matters


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