NJA Committees

NJA's committees focus on the programs and operational needs of the association. Most committees typically meet once a month and are open to all members. To participate and get involved in NJA activities, email a committee chair or staff member and let them know your interest.

Amicus Curiae - Micah Echols, Esq.Victoria Coolbaugh

Association Services
Education Committee -  Patrick R. Leverty, Esq., George Bochanis, Esq.Julie Ostrovksy
Gala - Mike Haight, Esq., Ardea Canepa-Rotoli, Esq.Julie OstrovskyRebecca Johnston
Law School - David Boehrer, Esq.
Membership Task Force -  Alison Brasier, Esq., Will Sykes, Esq.Christian Morris, Esq., Rebecca Johnston or Julie Ostrovsky
Trial Lawyers Care - Herb Santos, Jr., Esq., Brian Nettles, Esq.Victoria Coolbaugh
Women's Caucus - Alison Brasier, Esq.Beverly Salhanick, Esq.Lindsay Cullen, Esq.
Club X (New Lawyer Outreach) - Dana Oswalt, Esq., Samantha Martin, Esq.
Sponsors - Brian Nettles, Esq.Julie Ostrovsky

Legislative committees hold an additional requirement that members also be Citizens for Justice contributors.

Bill Review Committee - Patrick R. Leverty, Esq.Victoria Coolbaugh
Business/Commerce Victoria Coolbaugh
Construction Defect - Ardea Canepa-Rotoli, Esq.
Domestic - Kimberly Surratt, Esq.
Employment - Kathleen England, Esq.Victoria Coolbaugh
Legislative Steering Committee - Bill Bradley, Esq., Herb Santos, Jr., Matt Sharp, Esq.Victoria Coolbaugh
Medical Malpractice - Bill Bradley, Esq.
Workers' Compensation - Jason Mills, Esq.Herb Santos, Jr., Esq.

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