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  • Alliance for Justice and their member groups seek to promote justice and democracy.
  • American Association for Justice is the national arm of NJA.  Check here for national updates.
  • Americans for Insurance Reform seeks to hold the insurance industry accountable for their poor practices – instead of shifting that burden to the consumer.  Their empirical studies are very interesting.
  • The Center for Justice & Democracy is the only consumer group in the country dedicated to protecting the Civil Justice System.  While there, check out their award-winning blog, The Pop Tort.
  • Civil Justice Resource Group boasts national academics who offer studies on the value of the Civil Justice System.
  • The Consumer Federation of America was establish in 1968 and has a membership of 50 million.  They are dedicated to providing consumers information they need to make well informed decisions.
  • Formerly the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, Consumer Watchdog is an incredibly impressive group who’s issues span a wide range of topics.
  • Consumers Union is an independent nonprofit organization which works to create a fair, just and safe marketplace for all.
  • Working to promote social and economic justice for consumers and workers in the US and abroad, National Consumers League is the nation’s oldest consumer group.
  • National Women's Health Network seeks to improve the health of all women by developing and promoting critical analysis of health issues.  They also perform advocacy work.
  • New England Patients' Rights Group advocates for the rights and protection of medical consumers.  They are an amazing, flagship group.
  • ProPublica is a shining star of investigative, nonprofit journalism.
  • Few groups have the power and size of Public Citizen, but they are the original and remain a true leader.
  • Public Justice takes on litigation which other trial lawyers often cannot afford, but which society cannot afford to NOT have taken.
  • Stop Corporate Immunity seeks to hold corporations accountable for their products.
  • Texas Watch promotes consumer safety and advocacy in Texas, and offers amazing resources for others.
  • United Policyholders helps insured know their rights when their carriers treat them inappropriately.
  • US Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) is an advocate for the consumer interest.  They offer concrete research and studies.


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