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Here's a sample of stories involving NJA:

Nevada Lawmakers Consider Workers Compensation Bill 
Las Vegas - Lawmakers in Nevada are considering a bill that opponenets say could be a blow to the state's workers compensation system.
NJA Says Legislation will have consequences for Middle Class Homeowners
Carson City - Legislation that will be voted on this week will have serious consequences for homeowners who identify shoddy workmanship in their homes, according to Herb Santo Jr., President of the Nevada Justice Association.
"Ballot Question 1" would change NV Court System
RENO, Nev - A faster court system could result, if Nevadans vote to approve a ballot measure that would create a Court of Appeals, according to Herb Santos with the Nevada Justice Association. 
Nevada Attorneys Train to Better Represent Clients
RENO, Nev - Nevada attorneys who practice consumer law are brushing up this week on every-changing state and federal laws in order to better represent their clients.
NJA Sponsors Backpack Drive
RENO, LAS VEGAS - Nev. - NJA Cares has teamed up with state legislators to collect backpacks and school supplies for low income children in Reno and Las Vegas.
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Congress Examines Medical Device Safety:  Key Issue for Older Nevadans
LAS VEGAS - Nev. - Congress tackled the issue of faulty medical devices this week, hearing testimony on Wednesday about whether Nevadans and people in other states should have the right to sue for damages in such cases.
NV Budget Deal Struck:  Homeowners Lose Some Rights in Compromise
CARSON CITY - Nev. - It was an unusual budget hurdle for state lawmakers focused on heading off steep cuts to education, but it ended up in the final compromise legislation: a change in Nevada's construction defect law.  As part of the $6.2 billion budget deal, lawmakers have opted to cut the amount of time that homeowners have if they want to sue builders for construction defects.
NV Consumers Can Alert, and Be Alerted, on Defective Products
LAS VEGAS - Nevadans have a new place they can turn to learn about defective products before they make a purchase, and where they can file their own safety alerts as well.  The new Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website, is now online.
Nevada Lawmakers Urged to Tackle Medical Errors
LAS VEGAS - Infection rates are the kinds of statistics Nevada consumers should be aware of before they enter a local hospital, according to Nevada attorney Bill Bradley. He hopes a new report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services spurs state lawmakers to take action to uncover the potential health risks at hospitals. The report says 180,000 Americans eligible for Medicare die every year as the result of medical errors.
Beware Grinches After Your Charity Donations
LAS VEGAS - The season for charitable giving is in high gear, and local legal experts say it's also time to watch out for Grinches, in the form of scammers after your donation dollars.
Nevadans 'Better Watch Out' for Dangerous Toys
LAS VEGAS - 'Tis the season for making kids' toy wishes come true, but legal experts say when Nevadans go shopping this weekend they should also be thinking about toy safety.  A new report says 95 percent of the toys sold int he U.S. now come from abroad, and some of them would not receive a "thumbs-up" for safety from Santa.
Study Finds BP Disaster Response Fits Pattern Seen in NV
LAS VEGAS - While BP and the Obama administration debate whether the lid on the Gulf oil spill is shut tight, a new study finds that big corporations are practiced in the art of delay and avoidance when it comes to obeying environmental laws. Tough environmental laws were passed in the 1960s and '70s, but Ray De Lorenzi, communications director for the American Association for Justice, says lax enforcement gave big corporations little incentive to comply. more
Congress Moves Closer to Making Foreign Manufacturers Accountable
LAS VEGAS, Nev. - Congress is moving closer to giving consumers in Nevada and the nation more legal recourse if they are injured by a product that is manufactured overseas. Christine Zinner, associate director of public affairs for the American Association for Justice, says 83 percent of the defective goods that were recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission in 2009 were foreign-made.
Creative Ways To Give in Very Lean Year
LAS VEGAS, Nev. - It's the season of giving, but with paychecks barely covering bills, it takes a little creative thinking for some to figure out ways to squeeze in a charitable contribution out of an already tight budget. That's according to Nevada attorney Beverly Salhanick, who says families might consider holiday events tied to fundraisers or charities.
Nevada Lawyers Do Pro Bono Work to Fight “Justice Gap”
LAS VEGAS, Nev. - Attorneys throughout the state are marking the first-ever National Pro Bono Celebration week, organized to heighten awareness of what is often called the "justice gap," in which 50 million people across the country can't afford legal help for civil court issues. The Celebration will recognize attorneys who donate their time for such cases, and attempt to encourage more attorneys to help level the playing field when it comes to access to the courts
Nevada Would “Stand Alone” on Strict Limits for Construction Defects
Carson City, NV – Legal experts are criticizing a new measure being debated by Nevada lawmakers that would put the strictest limits in the nation on homeowners who wish to sue for faulty construction. Senate Bill 349 won committee approval and now moves to the full Senate. It is supported by builders who argue the new law would reduce frivolous lawsuits and exorbitant legal fees, while critics believe it would unfairly restrict homeowners' rights.
An ‘Extreme Makeover’ for NV Workers Comp
Carson City, NV – Industrial insurance, commonly known as "workers compensation," would get a major overhaul if AB 178 becomes law. The bill addresses labor representatives' concerns that insurance companies have become increasingly selective about the injuries they will cover and that some employers are seeking retaliatory action against employees who are injured while working and file claims.
'Tis the Season for Efficient Charity Giving
Las Vegas, NV – The down economy is driving up the number of Nevadans seeking help from charitable organizations this holiday season, but it’s also a tough year for those who want to give. Beverly Salhanick, an attorney with the Nevada Justice Association, advises charitable givers to do some research by checking with the Better Business Bureau, or using Internet resources, to find charities that align with their interests.


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