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The People’s Law School is a unique public information program presented as a lecture series and recorded for broadcast. Designed to educate and empower citizens on various aspects of the law, The People’s Law School serves a valuable need in our state.  Since the Nevada Foundation for Consumer Education (NFCE) introduced this public service program in Nevada in 1986, The People’s Law School has continued to provide up-to-date information on the legal system, legislative process and specific areas of the law most affecting Nevadans. Diplomas have been awarded to over 2,000 Nevadans.  Past and current topics include family and elder law, workers' compensation, personal injury, construction defect, consumer protection and foreclosure issues, your rights and the trial-by-jury system, and the citizen's role in the legislative process.

This past spring, NFCE was excited to show the first ever televised airing of “The People’s Law School” on PBS in Reno, Nev. Topics covered this year included foreclosure mediation, bankruptcy, elder law and estate planning, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, divorce and custody, employee rights, elder abuse and more. Entertaining and informative presentations were conducted by expert attorneys in Nevada.Please click below to view the 13 episodes that aired. Also, stay tuned for any future air dates!

Episode 1
Speaker: Kimberly Surratt, Esq. 
Episode 2
Speaker: Kimberly Surratt, Esq.
Episode 3
Speaker: Mark Wenzel, Esq. 
Episode 4
Speaker: Mark Wenzel, Esq. 
Episode 5
Speaker: Gerald Gillock, Esq. 
Episode 6
Speaker: Gerald Gillock, Esq. 
Episode 7
Speaker: Pat Cashill, Esq. 
Episode 8
Speaker: Jamie Cogburn, Esq. 
Episode 9
Speaker: Marjorie Hauf, Esq. 
Episode 10
Speaker: Tara Newberry, Esq.
Episode 11
Speaker: Christian Gabroy, Esq. 
Episode 12
Speaker: Christian Gabroy, Esq. 
Episode 13
Speaker: Barbara Gruenwald, Esq. 

 ClicSessionClickClick here to watch the first session

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