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These files contain what we hope will be useful information for you regarding the Ford/Firestone issue. We have provided a timeline of events, including references to victims of Explorer rollovers which resulted from tread separations of the original equipment Firestone tires, along with appendices demonstrating the culpability of both Ford and Firestone.

The references to victims were included at the request of one of the State Delegates who felt it would be useful when fighting against a protective order. She felt it would be helpful for attorneys to be able to point to tangible evidence of the human cost of secrecy agreements and protective orders. We obtained the information on victims from the AAJ Exchange, which has two CDs full of information on Ford and Firestone, including documents obtained during discovery.

The appendices we gathered were taken from publicly available documents which came to light during Congressional hearings. These documents, and the timeline, should help you in legislative battles you might have over caps, joint and several liability, statutes of repose, and many other legislative issues.

If you want or need further information, you can obtain it through the AAJ Exchange by going to or by calling 1-800-344-3023. The Exchange has internal Ford and Firestone documents, including hundreds of consumer complaints to Firestone about the tread separation problem. TLA members who are not AAJ members can join AAJ by going to and clicking on "Join AAJ" or by calling 1-800-424-2727.

All of the files are in PDF format.  If you cannot open it, you may need to download and install Adobe Reader from the Adobe web site. Go to to download the reader for free.


Firestone/Ford Fiasco  Graphs 
Time Line and Internal Documents  Tire Recall Graph 1 
References to Source Materials  Tire Recall Graph 2 
Full Appendix   


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