IC Debt Collection System

A nationally respected debt collection service, IC Systems has collected close to a half-million dollars for NJA members.  IC System offers a variety of collection services to meet your needs.  Call 1-800-685-0595 for more information regarding this member benefit. 

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Premiere Conferencing provides NJA members with various conference calling services designed to save you both time and money.  In addition to the traditional operator-assisted calls offered by Premiere, the popular ReadyConference Plus allows you to dial a permanently assigned toll-free number, enter a passcode and the call is on!  No reservations needed and up to 125 participants at a time all at a cost of only 18¢ per line minute.  Premiere Conferencing also offers the latest in web conferencing technology for PC to PC sharing of information.

For more information, call 1-800-707-8688 or email your questions to


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