From the March/April 2004 Issue


In the last issue of the Advocate Tom Drendel wrote an article about the NTLA Amicus Curiae Committee – its contribution to our members and how to take advantage of this member benefit. He also explained that the Amicus Curiae Brief authors are reimbursed for their time preparing the briefs, and we needed to raise extra funds for this purpose.

NTLA members who initially contributed to the fund include:
Neil Galatz $500
Barbara Gruenewald $500
Bob Maddox $500
Peter Chase Neumann $500
Stephen Osborne $500
Matt Sharp $500

A big thank-you goes out to the following NTLA members who have generously contributed to this benefit since publication of the last Advocate:
Bruce Schupp $500
Clark Seegmiller $500

Please join these members in their support of this important program. We look forward to seeing your name in the next Advocate!


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