Trial Lawyers Care


Trial Lawyers Care

The American Association for Justice launched Trial Lawyers Care (TLC) on September 24, 2001, the Monday after President Bush signed into law the legislation that created the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund. Trial Lawyers Care, also called "attorneys of mercy" was a commitment to represent potentially thousands of victims of the 9/11 attack and it required a great deal of hard work in a very short time. 

Since it's inception in 2001, trial lawyers across the country have contributed their time, resources and energy to their communities through volunteer and charitable activities that serve the public.

If you would like to participate in TLC events, please contact Kaylyn Kardavani for more information.

Nevada Foundation for Consumer Education

The idea began in 1990 when NJA’s Executive Director and Board of Governors wanted to find a way to establish a foundation that would facilitate the education of Nevadans regarding their constitutional, legal and consumer rights.  The dream was realized in 1998, when the Nevada Justice Association formed the Nevada Foundation for Consumer Education (NFCE).  A non-profit, charitable foundation (501 (c)3), NFCE is charged with promoting, educating, informing and disseminating information regarding topics of legal importance to Nevada citizens.  With the knowledge gained from these public forums, we all have the opportunity to become better citizens and more responsible members of the Silver State.   

NFCE Programs 

The People’s Law School—A community-based televised lecture series specifically designed to familiarize and educate citizens on legal issues. 

The Speakers’ Bureau—The free presentation by guest speakers from the legal profession to an array of civic groups, organizations and associations.  

Hitting the Road: Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Driver -An educational program for Nevada's teens, designed to make them better prepared drivers.

NFCE Mission Statement

“The Nevada Foundation for Consumer Education is organized and operated exclusively for charitable and  educational purposes.  The educational focus will be to inform the public of their rights as citizens of Nevada and other issues of importance.  To accomplish this, the foundation will hold ‘People’s Law Schools’ or seminars which are open to the public.  This foundation is supported by voluntary contributions, grants and endowments.”

NFCE Board of Trustees

Robert E. Marshall, President  625 South Eighth Street Las Vegas, Nevada 89101 702.474.0100 ●  Tom Drendel, Secretary/Treasurer 401 Flint Street Reno, Nevada 89501 775.335.9999  ● Victoria Coolbaugh, Executive Director 810 East Fifth Street Carson City, NV 89701 775.883.3577

For more information regarding NFCE, its programs or about gift giving, please contact Rebecca Johnston at 775.883.3577.

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