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Welcome to NJA!

I am delighted that you have become a member of the Nevada Justice Association. While it seems that the whole world wants to impugn and demean the profession, NJA has long set an example of lawyers who practice at the highest level of skill and ethics, who are respected in the Courts and the Congress, and who tirelessly represent the members of our community in their search for just and fair treatment. 
Here are a few of the services we provide that you can utilize and learn more about:
  • A world class lobbying team that monitors insurance and corporate backed legislation and has on many occasions prevented laws which limit citizens’ access to justice.
  • Email list servers where you can ask advice of other members twenty four hours a day.  Watch for your Member Forum “welcome” email with tips for making the list serve a useful tool.
  • Excellent Continuing Legal Education programs presented by lawyers who have learned in the trenches; always discounted for members.
  • Case Clinic roundtables where you can bounce your cases off experienced trial attorneys.
  • Extensive litigation services, with an exceptional expert referral base and a large online depository of expert depositions and other documents available through our website. 
  • Media Relations, to counteract the special interest spin. 
  • Club X, which caters to the professional and social needs of practitioners of less than ten years.
  • Well-attended mixers, allowing you to mingle with jurists, legislators and other public figures.
  • A website offering a host of information, allowing online registration, dues payments and other services. Your website username and password will be emailed to you separately.  
  • Perhaps above all, we have direct Peer-to-Peer contact, allowing you to stay “in the know,” on top of the public and private happenings in our embattled legal system, and active in the networking pool.  
We warmly welcome you into our ranks.  Keep up the good fight!
Patrick R. Leverty, Esq.
President, Nevada Justice Association

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