MYTH: The Little League spends more on liability insurance than it does on bats, balls and gloves, which is driving the Little League out of existence.
FACT: In 1995, in response to inquiries by the national consumer group Public Citizen, the national Little League admitted it had no available data on the number of lawsuits against it, the actual damages paid out by Little League programs, or even what local programs across the country spend on bats and balls.
FACT: Little Leagues have rarely been sued. Research by the Association of Trial Lawyers of America reveals that there have been only two cases in which people who filed personal injury suits against the Little League were compensated for injuries. Both were settled out of court.
FACT: A March 9, 1995, CNN report, which showed ads running in 40 congressional districts announcing, "Lawsuits could drive Little League teams out of existence," divulged that there are now more Little League teams than ever: 193,000 worldwide.

MYTH: There are so many lawsuits against the Girl Scouts that their cookie money must be siphoned off to cover the costs.  
FACT: In1995, when the Girl Scouts were the subject of ads claiming they had been besieged by lawsuits, the Scouts called for removal of these ads, saying, "It is absolutely not true."
FACT: In a March 9, 1995, CNN report, the Girl Scouts contradicted claims that their liability costs were a problem. Their spokeswoman said, "my business manager thinks [costs] have gone down a little bit because we’ve had no lawsuits."

MYTH: Volunteerism is on the decline in America because of a "litigation explosion." 
FACT: If volunteerism is on the decline, several economic factors are responsible. As Brad Goggins, director of the Center for Corporate Community Relations at Boston College, recently put it, "People would love to spend more time volunteering, but it flies in the face of what’s going on the economy. People are working incredible hours. The culture of work today is neither family-friendly nor conducive to volunteerism.


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