From the Director's Desk…
By Victoria D. Riley


There is much to celebrate this summer.  We have completed another legislative session, enjoyed two fun Sine Die Galas, honored some very deserving people and now we are barreling toward a truly great convention.  The summer is literally flying by!


On August 16th, I celebrate my 25th anniversary with NTLA.  The Boardboard recognized that milestone by surprising me with accolades and wonderful gifts at the Sine Die Galas.galas.  Thank you for the very thoughtful recognition.  I had a hard time not crying with the initial surprise in Reno.  Fortunately, it was easier to be composed when the honor was repeated in Las Vegas.

My time with NTLA has been amazing and has moved so swiftly.  Lots of fun, lots of dreams, visions, and hard work.  Many challenges, some great successes, and many wonderful memories and stories.  It's been terrific doing work I truly love with people I respect and enjoy.  (Don't worry, I am not going to author my memoirs - if I did, I would have to quit my job and move to Switzerland.  Neither of which I want to do!)

I want to express my gratitude.  Thank you to everyone who has been a part of making NTLA what it is today.    Thank you for your interest and commitment to good public policy and balanced statute.  Thank you for your hard work for the people you represent.  You are truly great people doing great work.  I am proud to be a part of that.

      David Ball

I am soSo excited to bring such an and outstanding national presence to our members.  If you don't know who David Ball is, you must attend and find out.  His books and tapes have been enormously helpful to many of our members, but the wordwork I hear is that nothing can compare to his in-person presentation.  I know Bill Jeanney has said that David Ball has made a huge impact on his practice and it would be very rewarding to him for all of you to have the same experience.  The room in San Diego only holds 150 people though, so I hope you are registered!


I have been amazed at the incredible work of my staff in their concentration and dedication to our member recruitment efforts.  Their creativity is inspiring in what they can come up with to entice new members to join the organization.  While I have had to ixnay a few of the more colorful ideas (like naming a Las Vegas NTLA office fish after the highest recruiting member, an NTLA dating service, a bachelor raffle, and my personal favorite, "Being Neil Galatz"- don't ask!), our staff continues to keep membership development on the forefront.  We need your help, so keep those referrals coming.  If my staff doesn'tthey don't meet their self-imposed goal, the office will get ugly!  Help me!

    New Staff Member

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to your new Manager of Outreach and Development, Julianna Ormsby.  Julianna most recently worked as a lobbyist for the Nevada Women's Lobby and Victoria Coolbaugh and I enjoyed working with her this past session.  We are pleased to have her on our team, where she will be in charge of the Advocate, NFCE, our northern CLEs, and, as with all small non-profits, a hundred other tasks neither foreseeable nor able to meet description.  So, give her a call (775-883-3577) or drop her an e-mail ( to say "hi" and welcome her to the team. 

In closing, I want to again say thank you for everything (did I mention the great anniversary presents?!), and that NTLA is truly a professional association of which you can be proud.  I look forward to celebrating with you in person on September 6th7th at the Triple George Grill in Las Vegas and to sharing another killer convention with you in San Diego.  Not RVSP'd or registered?  Call the office today and we will take care of that.  See you soon!

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